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Two Bridges CandleWorks

Cereal Treasure Tin

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Cereal Treasure Tin - 8oz 
This is such a fun little candle and gift!  So colorful and is one of the only candles with fragrance in it that smells like the cereal it looks like 😉
Can be made scented or unscented

➡️ these are ENTIRELY soy wax, there are no real cereal items to worry about while burning.
Each cereal is hand ✋ Marbled by me with skin safe / kiddo friendly, non toxic colors, AND entirely scent free for us allergy sufferers and those with sensitivity fragrances & chemicals 💖

➡️ 100% eco soy wax, clean burning, no icky soot, and beautifully scent free - just pure, sweet soy, for us allergy sufferers and those with sensitivity to fragrances & chemicals 💖

➡️ hand poured, small batch & locally made with love, from my heart to yours 💕